Is IDHurry legit ? Fake id.

IDHurry review.

Every time when you need to buy a Fake ID, you probably find more and more new websites and firms that are willing to offer you big discounts and other promotions. Also from the news, you can hear that there are a lot of scammers who open one-day companies and want to deceive customers. Many minors come to their online platforms, read their excellent self-introduction and make an order; because all the information, that they post on the website, looks quite sincere and trustworthy. Most students give them money at the end and get nothing in return. Other fraud companies produce the low-quality fake id cards and deliver it for real. Anyway, in both cases, students suffer due to their naivety and ignorance. We have already heard a lot of sad stories that have prompted us to act. We have set up a website where we collect reviews of fake id producers and firms. Everyone can visit it and find the best option for the right choice. We post there conclusions of our experts who check the promises of these fake id companies and look through the production by making their own order. That is why you can easily understand who is the real one, and who is no, by following our reviews. We are going to expose all the scams that will meet us on the way.

This review familiarizes you with the web producer of fake ID cards that is named ID Hurry. This is one of the first online platforms where former minors have ordered their first Fake IDs. It is widely known store, and, probably, one of your friends has bought his fake id there. Actually, customers leave only good feedback about their high quality cards and good customer support. However, we decided to check all the information about ID Hurry on our own. Our experts looked through the website offers and advantages to make a conclusion: can you trust them or not. We will see how many good points this site really has, compared to other platforms.

Let’s move to the next step, IDHurry offers 49 states id cards. It means you can choose almost any state that you would like to be from. What a diverse selection! Also, the good point, that attracts our attention, that this website sells only fake ids. It doesn’t offer any side services. It seems like they do not try to bite off more than they can chew. If you want to choose among states, you need to go to the SHOP tab where you can find a variety of fake cards.

Briefly speaking about the design of the site, it is quite useful and well-oriented online platform with organized structure for comfortable use. The website contains a lot of general information about Fake IDs, payment methods, delivery deadlines, common questions and contacts of customer support service. First of all, you need to register on ID Hurry. Then you can start fill in the order form your personal details. The account will protect your private information from prying eyes, it means that your personal information is confidential and secure. There are no errors, system mistakes and bugs.

Next, we decided to check the domain history. Looking through the domain information, you can identify if it is real service or fake one. If the website has good and long story and just one owner for a long timer that are good points. This domain was registered in 2016 by a reliable domain name reseller The sign of high-safety is that this website has been online for long time without transfers. As for customer reviews, former buyers say only positive and decent words about their fake card that were made by this company.

ID Hurry offers affordable, convenient and high-quality fake ID cards. They have great bonus (discount) program where a discount can reach to 20% off! We respect their discount policy and their decent quality cards at an accessible price. Actually, the size of the discount depends on the state name, for example, you can take California fake ID with the maximum discount that is 20%. Determine the choice will help a section on the site, where there is a detailed description of each state, along with its laws and policies.

This online service accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Everyone can pay with Bitcoin or DASH for a fake ID. In fact, ordinary firms use only Bitcoin, but this company has moved on and began to take DASH. This way of paying is considered to be more safe and secure than others. For example, the scammers, that produce fake IDs, got used to accept Western Union transfers. It’s quite common practice for them, and it gives you a hint that they are probably just an one-day organization. In that case, you shouldn’t trust them your money. Оn the contrary, cryptocurrency is a very secure payment method.

As an experiment, we made an order a Pennsylvania fake ID. We chose this state as it is the neighbouring one. Remember that you should never pick up your home state. Security workers know very well how looks a local ID. We paid $85.00 for PA fake ID. we received delivery after 5 days. We were surprised with so fast shipping and with so good quality card that we even couldn’t differ from the real one! It had properly all the secure signs, like holograms and scannable barcodes.

The final rating is 9 out of 10. ID Hurry deserves to take one of the top places in our list of fake ID companies. We liked their affordable prices, discount program, perfect quality and short delivery time. They provided us with the best customer service. We spent our money on a really good product that is definitely worth to buy. Positive customer feedback finally proved our guess that we made the right choice!