How to Make a Fake ID for Kids

To insure the well-being and safety of the child the parents have to know how to make a fake ID for kids. This ID card should include a photo and some personal information, contacts and medical condition. If you believe your kid doesn’t need an ID card, think of the cases, when he wanders away from supermarkets or playgrounds. A kid can leave his parents frantic with fear. You can find fake id template on

Think of Your Family Today and Learn How to Make a Fake ID for Kids

To create a good kid’s card you will need computer, Microsoft Word or Word Perfect program, and quality paper. Look for a recent photo of your kid. Get a picture, where the face of your kid is clearly seen. If you doubt what picture to choose, you should make a new one with your digital camera. The picture must fit 1 ½ inches by 1 ½ size (face and shoulders only).

What to Start With?

Firstly, you are to open the chosen word-processing program and create a text box. The next step is box resizing (it should be of the card’s size). Usually the card is about 3 inches by 2 inches. Remember to make it larger as it’ll include the photo.

Information and Photo Insert

There must be only a vital information in your kid’s ID:

birth date;
hair color;
parent’s contact information.

Choose the available tool and insert the photo. Open a tool bar, with it’s help you can drag a picture until it’s aligned with your text. Don’t forget about the back side of the ID. You can copy the information from the front side of the card.

Before printing the card, make sure you have card stock of a nice quality and that it will work in the printer you’ll use. To have a nice photo, use a high quality color. The card must be cut out along the text box border line and then laminated.
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How to Make a Fake ID for Kids: Warnings

Never include your phone number, home address and other tracking information. If you or your kid looses the ID, the criminals can use the information. Don’t add the fingerprint. It is useless when you want to locate your kid.

Make sure the ID is small enough to be carried in a wallet. The information must be printed only on card stock or heavy paper. Make several IDs. One of them always must be in your kid’s pocket; the others must be kept by the parents. Some parents also add a photo of themselves. This is an additional information, which is also very helpful.

These tips on how to make a fake ID for kids will help parents to protect their kids in this unsafe world. Making your kid carry the ID card you’ll save his life and your time.